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How would you define mindfulness?

What people say

  • Chris Trani is a wise and thoughtful guide to cultivating mindfulness in daily life. She has a deep mindfulness practice built over years working with teachers in several traditions. Her teaching deftly integrates insights and techniques from these lineages. Drawing on these deep roots, Chris’ teaching is direct, accessible, and practical. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in cultivating greater presence and mindfulness in their life.

  • I have turned to Chris many times, both personally and professionally, when I most needed a clear, honest, mindful voice of someone that I respect and trust with my whole heart. Chris is that person.  I believe her wisdom comes from a place that is only possible as a result of years of dedication to her own mindfulness practice. She is an ongoing example to me that mindfulness does indeed matter, and, may even be the key to changing the global consciousness.

  • It is a well-known fact that stress can be detrimental to a person’s mental and physical health. It is also known that it can be difficult for people to pull themselves out of the headspace once it begins. Being taught a mindfulness technique from a learned and wonderful human really switched up things for me. It has been a most wonderful gift.

    I think the technique stands on its own merit, but when it is taught by a human who allows love and giving to be at the forefront of whatever she does, it is even richer. Through utilizing Chris’ mindfulness training, I am able to catch myself when I first begin to feel worry or stress and keep it at bay.

    I feel this training would certainly be a beneficial addition to every company’s wellness program, as well as for any individual’s personal practice.

  • Chris has been a huge support to me. I first heard her present on the Unified Mindfulness Home Practice Program. Her clarity of message and her passion for mindfulness practice was strikingly evident. Her presentation was so inspiring that I felt compelled to contact her. She is very easy to talk to and truly listens to what’s being said before offering suggestions. She tailored her guidance to fit my needs and personality. At the time I was struggling with health issues and was stuck not knowing what to do. Her suggestions were so right on and achievable that, within a very short time, I felt energized and able to move forward in a more productive way. I will be forever grateful to have crossed paths with Chris and for all her wonderful, wise guidance.

  • Chris Trani has been leading Basic Mindfulness Home Practice Program (HPP) meditation retreats since 2012. As HPP administrator, I have immense admiration and gratitude for Chris’s person-centered teaching style. She makes it a priority to embrace new students and to create a safe space and productive retreat experience for everyone. Chris is always clear and precise in her presentation of the meditation techniques. Her answers during Q+A are skillful and infused with encouragement, and reflect the depth of her practice. Chris has also made an impact on my personal mindfulness meditation practice. I find her teaching stories to be powerful and I appreciate how her calming voice “holds the space” for us during the practice. I especially love that she ends retreats by dedicating our work together “to the benefit and happiness of all beings.” In my opinion, there is nothing more important to learn and model than that.

  • I reached out to Chris a few years ago when I was just getting started with meditation. She helped me establish a firm foundation for my mindfulness practice and she has been a tireless source of support, instruction, and encouragement ever since. Chris is always responsive to my questions, but perhaps the best thing she’s done for me is to share her insight while at the same time challenging me to find my own answers. Since I started working with Chris, I’ve become a more patient person and better able to act according to my values–this has improved my life, personally and professionally. I’m grateful that Chris is my teacher and I’m proud to call her my friend. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who wishes to progress down the mindful path.