Coaching & Mentoring

Applying mindfulness to day-to-day life experiences

Why might you seek out a mindfulness coach or mentor?

Perhaps you have:

  • curiosity about mindfulness based on something you have heard or read and want to try it.
  • tried mindfulness or other meditation techniques and felt it didn’t work for you OR, it sort of helped but, for whatever reason, you just didn’t stick with it.
  • proclaimed yourself as someone who “just can’t meditate” yet are still willing to give it one more try.
  • a life challenge that is pushing you to find new coping strategies
  • an established mindfulness practice but wish to infuse it with new approaches to gain a renewed sense of wonder
  • an established practice but believe it would be beneficial to engage in dialogue with a fellow practitioner about your practice experience and how it translates to your life experience

What might you set as a goal for mindfulness coaching or mentoring?

Broadly speaking, interest in mindfulness and mindfulness coaching & mentoring comes from a desire to feel better and function better! Over time, mindfulness can produce several beneficial changes in how we are living and navigating the inevitable ups and downs of life. These five things can also serve as goals or focus areas for your coaching or mentoring:

  • reduction in our physical and/or emotional suffering
  • elevation in our physical and/or emotional fulfillment
  • deeper understanding of who we are – really
  • positive changes in our objective behaviors
  • a spirit of love and service towards others

What is the difference between coaching & mentoring?

There are many similarities in approaches used in any type of coaching & mentoring but also some subtle distinctions. This may be helpful:

  • coaching focuses on working with a specific technique, set of techniques and techniques to apply to immediate situations.
  • mentoring includes coaching as described above but also maintains a view on longer-term practice development and progress over time

How would we work together?

Our work together would be co-created based on your specific needs, interests, background, where you are in the world, etc. If you feel compelled to reach out, please do so. We will see what happens from there ❤.