Practice Now

Guided practices & online resources

As the saying goes, there’s no time like the present! Take a few minutes now to browse and sample a few guided practices below covering a range of topics from different teachers with different styles. Hopefully you will find one that you find beneficial and makes you want to keep practicing!

Chris Trani

Here are two contrasting practices exploring sensory experience. These are brief, introductory practices, each about 10 minutes. If they resonate with you and you wish to extend your practice time, simply pause the audio during periods of silence.

How we SEE, HEAR, FEEL our physical surroundings/physical body


How we SEE, HEAR, FEEL our inner world of thoughts and emotions


Unified Mindfulness / Julianna Raye – interactive training programs

  • CORE Training – completely FREE, no obligation, self-paced online interactive training course and CORE companion book great for any experience level. Course consists of 10 video-based lessons, each with its own self-paced quiz designed to test and reinforce what you’ve learned in each lesson.
  • FOUNDATIONS Training – interactive, self-paced introductory training program for those wishing to introduce an individual or a group to mindfulness practice using Unified Mindfulness techniques.


Brightmind Meditation

Smartphone app with guidance from Shinzen Young, Julianna Raye, Chris Trani and others.  Free and paid versions available.


Danny Z. Morris

Danny specializes in working with body sensations.  He has several guided practices available at the link above.  Consider starting with this 13 minute practice call Foundations of Somatic Mindfulness. 


Andy Hix

Andy has several simple, calming guided practices at the link above.                                                                                Consider starting with this 13 minute practice called Everything’s Okay 


Martin Aylward

Martin is a meditation teacher based in France and founder of wonderful online community called SanghaLive  where you can access a variety of teacher & practices.  This  38 minute talk on meeting life more fully, more fluidly, more freely offers a beautiful & gentle reminder of benefits we can receive from committed meditation practice.                                                                            

Janet Sims

Janet is a psychotherapist based in Portland, Oregon.
Guided practices covering a range of topics


Soryu Forall

Soryu is the head teacher for this residential monastic academy with locations in California, Vermont & Canada.          Here is 10 minute video guided practice he created to support decision making.