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Why the workplace is "going mindful"

A 2016 study conducted by the National Business Group on Health (NBGH) and Fidelity Investments found that 22% of companies have mindfulness training programs already in place, and another 21% plan to add a mindfulness training component in 2017. (see source)

Research shows that mindfulness positively impacts:

What companies are we talking about?

Many large companies across a variety of industries – including Google, Intel, Apple, Aetna, General Mills and Target to name a few – have been recognized for implementing mindfulness programs for their employees.

(see source)

So, how would we know if mindfulness is right for our workplace?

Consider scheduling a complimentary 60-90 minute introductory presentation open to anyone who might be interested in attending and see what happens. Notice:

  • what people say as soon as the invitation goes out
  • how many people sign up to attend
  • how many people actually attend
  • what they say after attending – about their experience in the session and how they imagine mindfulness could benefit them during the workday

We are already interested. Now what?

Like any type of training, there are several delivery options to explore – on-site workshops, virtual workshops, a single workshops, a multi-week series, online resources, etc. The important thing is to make it practical and relevant to your workplace.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore possibilities.